American Martial Arts InstituteTelevision Productions and Appearances

The American Martial Arts Institute has been represented both nationally and internationally through travel and media coverage. Most prominent among this coverage has been two television series produced and hosted by Grandmaster Crandall, the Martial Arts Today show and the Safety and Awareness Today show. These television shows allowed Grandmaster Crandall and American Martial Arts Institute instructors and students the opportunity to reach literally millions of homes and share martial arts skills and community safety knowledge. The shows also featured interviews and coverage of prominent martial artists and community leaders from around the world, once again demonstrating the power of the martial arts to bring people together. The American Martial Arts Institute has also been featured on national and local televisions programs such as MSNBC's TodayShow.Com and many others. Below are some of these appearances.

Safety and Awareness Today Show
The Safety and Awareness Today Show is a half-hour television program hosted by Grandmaster Crandall that features safety and awareness information for people of all ages. With segements for children, teenagers, adult men and women, and senior citizens, this instructional and informational show is the first of its kind. It also features safety tips for topics including travel, scuba diving, sky diving, medical emergencies, sports, home security and much more.

Martial Arts Today Show
This T.V. show has been recognized as the only one of its kind in the United States and received support from many world recognized martial artists. It aired for 11 years.

Public Service Announcements
In cooperation with McDonald's, the American Martial Arts Institute has promoted safety in local communities through the production of safety public service announcements.

Grandmaster Crandall on MSNBC and TODAYSHOW.COM
Seminar for Active Seniors by SecureLivingOnline.Com
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