Rules and Regulations for All Members

All students are responsible to know and follow the school's training rules:

1) Bowing is a sign of respect and is done before and after sparring, before speaking with a Black Belt Instructor, and upon entering or leaving the training hall.

2) Always show respect for all persons during training.

3) The use of profanity is not allowed.

4) No smoking, eating, chewing gum, or drinking in the training hall.

5) No talking during class.

6) Advise instructor before class starts if you must leave early.

7) Keep martial arts uniform clean and presentable. Only a white shirt without writing may be worn underneath white uniform jackets.

8) Do not strike or kick walls of training hall.

9) Street fighting is strictly forbidden unless it is in self-defense.

10) Never use uncontrolled techniques during free fighting or while practicing self-defense.

11) Coming to class late is perfectly acceptable if there is a schedule conflict. The students must fall in at the rear of the class until the class breaks for stretching, sparring, etc. and then when the class forms again they fall in at the normal place in formation.

12) Any member who tests for, or receives title or rank, in another martial arts school, organization or club, other than this school, must obtain written permission from the Grandmaster first.

13) No contact is permitted to the head, face, neck or groin during sparring.

14) Headgear, handgear, mouthpieces, and padded kicking boots are required for all participants in sparring.

15) Groin cups are required for males, and chest protectors are suggested for female participants in sparring.

16) The American Martial Arts Institute has the right to suspend any member whose conduct is not in keeping with the principles, policies, and rules of the school or whose actions would bring shame or adverse publicity to the school.


In addition, as a traditional school students are expected to learn the many etiquettes, many of which are subtle, for the style. Speak with your instructor to learn more.

Regarding watching classes and testings, note that no video or photography is permitted at any time during class or testing including the use of mobile devices, cameras, personal computers / tablets, and other recording devices.. Guests are expected to use their cellular phones outside and to not talk while classes are in session. If you have any questions, speak with an instructor.

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