American Martial Arts Institute News, Testing Results, and Special Events

This page contains news from our school's history. In 1998, we began to document some our our history on the Internet. Prior to 1998, it was documented through both photographs, news articles, and videos. Many of these records can be found at our school's library at the main location. In 2011, our website was redesigned, and it was determined that school events would be archived here, but not all colored belt and brown belt testings. All records regarding prior testings are kept at the main location. Click on the links below to select a year and learn more about some of our school's events.



New Red Top
Grandmaster Crandall is pleased to announce the acceptance of one individual into the Red Top Leadership Program.

Adult Seminar Day
Pictures and information about this year's annual adult seminar day.

New Staff Member
Grandmaster Crandall presents staff member status to a student during the adult seminar.


Superkick Workbook: 2nd Edition Released! An Informational Guide for Students and Parents
The American Martial Arts Institute is pleased to announce the publication of the 2nd Edition of the American Eagle Style Superkick Workbook: An informational guide for students and parents. This book will now be required to test for the ranks of orange blet or yellow belt if you are under the age of 13. Click on the link above to learn more about this book.

Winter FunShop
See pictures from all three days of this year's Mid-Winter Break Indoor Martial Arts Program, the Winter FunShop. Find out who was promoted, and what topics were covered.

Red Top Fun Day
See pictures from the Winter Red Top Fun Day at Pole Position Racing

Brown Belt Testing
Results of the February 6 testing.

Color Belt Testing
Results of the January 27 testing.


Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Secure Living Online teaches personal safety seminar for CABVI in Utica, NY.

Grandmaster Crandall and American Martial Arts Institute Congratulated by US Senator
Read US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's letter

Grandmaster Shuey designates American Cane System Successor

Grandmaster Shuey promotes Master Stalloch to 9th Degree Black Belt in the American Cane System / Cane-Fu

Grandmaster Shuey announces promotion to 8th Degree Black Belt
Grandamaster Shuey promotes Mrs. Lynn Jessee to the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt, Senior Canemaster, in the American Cane System.

Yoga and Self Defense Seminar
Grandmaster Shuey teaches a seminar on Yoga and empty hand self defense for American Martial Arts Institute black belts and brown belts at the Harts Hill Inn

Weapon's Competition

Pictures and information from this year's weapon's competition held on March 12.

Color Belt Testing Results
Results of the February 29 testing.


New Instructor
Grandmaster Crandall presents instructor status to staff member after completing months of apprenticeship

Brown Belt Testings
Results of the April 9 brown belt testings

Black Belt Testings
Results of the April 9 black belt testings

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Hamilton College Wellness Fair
Master Stalloch, Master Freleigh, and Mr. Cumings represented the school at this annual Wellness Fair

Color Belt Testings
Results of the April 6 color belt testings


Mother's Day Class
Some pictures from this year's fun-filled Mother's Day Class


New Public Service Announcements
Four new public service announcments have been produced the American Marital Arts Institute. We partnered with the Utica Blue Sox, Made in Utica, the New Hartford Police Department, and Obernesser Media.

Father's Day Class
Held on Friday, June 17

Women's Self-Defense Class
Held on Tuesday, June 14

Kyoshi Status Awarded and Successor Named for Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido
On Wednesday, June 9, Headmaster Crandall presented Kyoshi Morris with his certificate designating him as the successor to the iaido style.

Iaido Testing Results

Results from the Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido testing held on May 20.

Cleaning Day
On Saturday, June 4, instructors and students came together to care for the main location at our annual cleaning day. Learn more.

Testing Results
American Eagle Style color belt testing results for the May testing

Spring Open House
See pictures from our 20th Anniversary Spring Open House from May 21.

The village of New Hartford recognizes Grandmaster Crandall and the American Martial Arts Institute.


Brown Belt Ranking
Promotion announced: July 19, 2016

Color Belt Testing
Results of the July 7, 2016


Utica Zoo Demo
Pictures from our recent martial arts demonstration

New Staff Member
Grandmaster Crandall presents one dedicated student with their black top during Utica Zoo Demo.

20th Anniversary Martial Arts Training Cruise
Information and pictures from our recent 20th Anniversary Martial Arts Training Cruise. More pictures coming soon.

Promotion to 8th Dan
Master Stalloch has completed his 8th Degree Black Belt Testing and was promoted by Grandmaster Crandall to 8th Dan on the Martial Arts Training Cruise.

New Children's Book
Coming in September, a new children's book written by Mrs. Crandall, illustrated by Miss Crandall: Down Block for Defense.

New Commercial
See our new commercial for American Eagle Style filmed by Obernesser Productions.

Brown Belt Testing
Results of the July 25, 2016 testing.

American Cane System Testing
Results of the July 23, 2016 testing.


Staff Meeting and Ceremonial Black Belt Luncheon
Pictures from the staff meeting / training on September 24 and information about the black belt luncheon.

Colored Belt Testing Results
Result of the September 13 testing.

Brown Belt Testing
Result of the September 9 testing.

Black Belt Testings
Results from the September 9 Junior Ran Black Belt Testing and the September 10 Adult Rank Black Belt Testing

New Staff Member
Grandmaster Crandall presents one dedicated student with their black top after the Brown Belt Testing on September 9.


Color Belt Testing Results
Testing held on November 14.

Brown Belt Testing Results
Testing held on November 1.


WKTV - Protect Yourself Story
Grandmaster Crandall was recently consulted by WKTV for a story on how to escape an assault.

Color Belt Testing
Results for the December 2 color belt testing.

Black Belt Testing Results
Gabby Papale tested for and passed her black belt testing on December 2nd.

New Red Top
Grandmaster Crandall presents Ryan Byrne with his Red Top, accepting him into our leadership program.