American Martial Arts Institute News, Testing Results, and Special Events

This page contains news from our school's history. In 1998, we began to document some our our history on the Internet. Prior to 1998, it was documented through both photographs, news articles, and videos. Many of these records can be found at our school's library at the main location. In 2011, our website was redesigned, and it was determined that school events would be archived here, but not all colored belt and brown belt testings. All records regarding prior testings are kept at the main location. Click on the links below to select a year and learn more about some of our school's events.



Hall of Honors
The Action Martial Arts Magazine International Hall of Honors was held on January 26, 2013 and 18 black belts from the American Martial Arts Institute traveled to help Grandmaster Crandall represent the school. Learn more.

Video Archives Now Online with our New You Tube Channel!

The American Martial Arts Institute is pleased to announce the official release of the school's digital video archives on You Tube and this website. In 1987, Grandmaster Crandall pioneered martial arts on television with the Martial Arts Today Show. As both the host and producer, he traveled to more than 22 countries interviewing martial artist in traditional and sport schools. He came to be known as a grassroots ambassador of the martial arts. TThe show aired on NBC affiliates throughout Central New York, New York City, and by satellite in Canada. It aired for over 12 years and reached more than 11 million homes. He conducted exclusive interviews with martial arts legends including Fumio Demura, Tadashi Yamashita, Ron Van Clief, Frank Dux, and many more. Until now, this footage has been in storage at the school's main location on 3/4-inch broadcast film. These shows have now been converted to DVD format and some of the classic interviews have been archived to our digital library hosted on You Tube. More than 8 hours of classic footage is now able to be shared with the world. In the future, these archives will grow with the edition of episoes of the safety and awareness today show, documentaries of school trips, media coverage, and more. This is now a living library giving students of the American Eagle Style and people around the world access to a part of our history. We hope you enjoy these segments and they contribute to your appreciation of the school and the martial arts as a whole.


FunShop 2013!
See dozens of pictures and a summary of the educational classes and competitions!


Secure Living PSAs
New public service announcements are now online! See how the American Martial Arts Institute's instructors and students are helping to promote community safety. The first 4 PSAs feature the New Hartord Fire Department, how to escape an assualt using your backpack, and information on how to measure your cane to avoid stress injuries.

Black Belt Testing Results
One individual has tested for and earned 1st Degree black belt on March 23rd.

New Sixth Degree Black Belt
One individual was promoted to sixth degree black belt on March 23rd.

New Seventh Degree Black Belt
One individual was promoted to seventh degree black belt and Master Instructor status on March 23rd.


New Staff Member!
An exciting moment of growth in the school occurs whenever Grandmaster accepts a black belt student into the school's staff, presenting them with a black top. Learn who is now wearing a black top!

Extension Tool Competition
Pictures and details from this year's competition held on April 13th


Instructor's Class
Grandmaster Crandall holds outdoor training session for instructors.

Red Tops go SCUBA Diving

Grandmaster Crandall and Master Stalloch take 7 black belts SCUBA Diving


Caribbean Training Cruise
Pictures and information about the 10 day training cruise led by Grandmaster Crandall to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Saint Maarten, and Haiti.

Master of American Eagle Style named by Grandmaster Crandall
On August 15th, during a special presentation Grandmaster Crandall named his successor

Black Belt Testing
5 Individuals tested for and earned new black belt ranks on August 3rd.


Watch the American Martial Arts New Commercials.

Secure Living Online releases 3 new Public Service Announcements.


Brown Belt Testing
Results of the October 5th, 2013 testing.

Colored Belt Testing

Results of the September 30th testing.


Brown Belt Testing
Results from the December 7th testing held at the main location.

Colored Belt Testing
Results from the December 3rd testing held at the main location.

Black Belt Testing
7 individuals earn new black belt ranks at the December 7th testing.

Be Safe Public Service Announcements

Grandmaster Crandall films 6 new PSAs with Ronald McDonald with 12 students from the American Martial Arts Institute