American Martial Arts Institute News, Testing Results, and Special Events

This page contains news from our school's history. In 1998, we began to document some our our history on the Internet. Prior to 1998, it was documented through both photographs, news articles, and videos. Many of these records can be found at our school's library at the main location. In 2011, our website was redesigned, and it was determined that school events would be archived here, but not all colored belt and brown belt testings. All records regarding prior testings are kept at the main location. Click on the links below to select a year and learn more about some of our school's events.



Adult Seminar Day
This year's adult seminar day was held on January 14th and featured some unique areas including karate aerobics, philosophy, seated self-defense and 8th degree katas!

New Red Top
Grandmaster Crandall presents Ryan Payne with Red Top status after January 25th colored belt testing.

New Senior Instructor
Mrs. Gisella Stalloch presented with Senior Instructor status by Grandmaster Crandall at January 28th staff meeting


Sparring Competition
1st annual sparring competition held at the main location on February 3rd

FunShop (Mid-Winter Indoor Martial Arts Program)
Photographs from each day and a details about the three-day event.


Introductory Extension Tool Class
43 students took advantage of the free "weapons" class night, experiencing sais, bos, kamas, swords, cane, halfmoon staff, and more.

Syracuse Post Standard features American Martial Arts Institute

Feature story on American Cane System and Cane Fu classes


Ceremonial Black Belt Luncheon / Staff Meeting
On April 21st, instructors and students from across New York State and New Hampshire came to recognize new black belt ranks. The instructors spent the morning training under Grandmaster Crandall and discussing summer programs and events.

Black Belt Testing
New black belt ranks earned.

Safety and Awareness Today Show Archives
From 2006 through 2008, Grandmaster Crandall hosted and produced the Safety and Awareness Today show, which aired throughout Central New York. The full-length episodes of this entire series are now archived online and can be watched streaming. Don't miss out on this piece of American Martial Arts Institute history. Also available at SecureLivingOnline.Com.

Website Archives
In January 2012, the American Martial Arts Institute website was relaunched and completely redesigned. The website was originally brought online in 1998, and has undergone many changes over the years. Now, the archives of school events from 1998-2011 are posted online once more and available. This includes historic seminars, events, black belt testing results, articles, and more.


Mother's Day Classes!
Pictures from the special classes held at the Albany and New Hartford locations.

Honorary Black Degree Awarded
Grandmaster Crandall presents the rare distinction of an honorary black belt for community service.

Weapons Competition
Pictures, information, and division results of this year's weapon's competition held at the main location.


New Master Instructor
Grandmaster Crandall promotes Mr. Nathan Morris to 7th Degree Black Belt

Cleaning Day
Annual cleaning day held at the New Hartford location.


Grandmaster Demura Seminar
Grandmaster Demura presented a Batto do seminar to the students of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall at the American Martial Arts Institute.


Black Belt Testing Results
Nine individuals tested for and earned new black belt ranks on Saturday, August 18th

3rd Edition Textbook Released

Grandmaster Crandall has authored and released the 3rd edition of the American Martial Arts Institute's American Eagle Style Instructional Textbook. This 424 page textbook is the final edition and is one of the first books in the world to fully document an American martial art style.

Iaido DVD
Grandmaster Crandall has released a new 2-DVD set, 3 hours in length, documenting the Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido style including Batto-do.


Teenage Seminar Day
This full day seminar for students ages 13-17 was held on October 13, 2012 and taught by Grandmaster Crandall and school staff.

6th Dan Promotion
Grandmaster Crandall awards 6th Dan Black Belt

Black Belt Testing
Results of the testing held on December 1, 2012