American Martial Arts Institute News, Testing Results, and Special Events

This page contains news from our school's history. In 1998, we began to document some our our history on the Internet. Prior to 1998, it was documented through both photographs, news articles, and videos. Many of these records can be found at our school's library at the main location. In 2011, our website was redesigned, and it was determined that school events would be archived here, but not all colored belt and brown belt testings. All records regarding prior testings are kept at the main location. Click on the links below to select a year and learn more about some of our school's events.



American Martial Arts Institute featured in Inside Kung Fu magazine in Cane-Fu article written by Mr. E. Stalloch.

Main Location Expands
The main location of the American Martial Arts Institute expands to add two complete training floors, larger changing rooms, a conference room, and more! See pictures of the construction and move.

Adult Seminar Day
This year's adult seminar day included some topics not covered in previous years including Kendo.


Black Belt Testing
New Sixth Degree black belt rank earned after months of fulfilling testing requirements.

Midwinter Indoor Martial Arts Program
See pictures from this year's "Funshop" for 6-12 year olds taught by Grandmaster Crandall, Mrs. Freleigh, and Mr. E. Stalloch.

International Batto Competition
American Martial Arts Institute insturctors compete in international sword competition hosted by Master Fumio Demura.


Black Belt Testing
New black belt ranks earned.


Weapon's Competition
Results and information about this year's extension tool competition held at the main location. Includes pictures of the competition.


Cleaning Day
Instructors and students come together to care for the main location where classes, brown belt and black testings are held.

In the News
American Martial Arts Institute featured in Utica Observer Dispatch with two feature stories.


New World Record!
Mr. Travis Donley, an American Martial Arts Institute instructor, sets a new world record of breaking two boards while skydiving to bring awareness to the need for Child Abduction Prevention Education. Watch the video here!

American Eagle Style student in Newsletter
Albany student recognized for accomplishment in company newsletter.


7th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor
Master Cheryl Freleigh becomes the first American Eagle Stylist to earn the rank of 7th degree black belt and is now recognized by the title Master Instructor in American Eagle Style. Congratulations.


Fumio Demura Seminar
Grandmaster Demura teaches seminars for American Martial Arts Institute students.

Black Belt Testing
New black belt ranks earned.


American Cane System and DVDs featured in the news
The American Martial Arts Institute's American Cane System classes and DVDs are featured on three news channels.

American Cane System in Oneida Newspaper
The Oneida Dispatch features main location and American Cane System classes.

Children's Classes featured in the news
American Eagle Style children's classes and programs are featured in a story by the Utica Observer Dispatch.


Red Top Training Day
1st annual red top training day held at the main location to continue the apprenticeship program of junior rank class assistants.

New Staff Member
Grandmaster Crandall accepts adult black belt student into the instructor's training program.

Teenaged Seminar Day
Pictures and information from this year's teenaged seminar day at the main location for 13-17 year old students.


Taekwondo Times Magazine Article
American Martial Arts Institute and World Record Break featured in story in Taekwondo Times magazine by Mr. E. Stalloch


Black Belt Testing
New black belt ranks earned.

Cane-Fu in the news
American Martial Arts Institute featured on WKTV news for Cane-Fu program.