American Martial Arts Institute News, Testing Results, and Special Events

This page contains news from our school's history. In 1998, we began to document some our our history on the Internet. Prior to 1998, it was documented through both photographs, news articles, and videos. Many of these records can be found at our school's library at the main location. In 2011, our website was redesigned, and it was determined that school events would be archived here, but not all colored belt and brown belt testings. All records regarding prior testings are kept at the main location. Click on the links below to select a year and learn more about some of our school's events.



Hall of Fame Magazine Article
Mr. Eric Stalloch published article covering the 2002 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame


Crandall System Seminar
Level 2 seminar presented for the Rome Free Academy.


Black Belt Testing
Results of the black belt testing held on April 27th.


New Black Belt Ranks
Semi-annual Ceremonial Black Belt Breakfast held to recognize new black belt ranks.


Grandmaster Crandall inducted into Hall of Fame
World Wide Martial Arts Hall of Fame induction held at Alexandria Bay, New York.

Master Tsuneyoshi Matsuno sends gifts
Tsuneyoshi Matsuno, Headmaster of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno Iaido sends gifts to Grandmaster Crandall.

New Staff Member
Mr. Wereszynski becomes newest staff member for American Martial Arts Institute.


American Martial Arts Institute performs at Fairport Canal Days.


Junior Rank Black Belt Testing
New Black Belt ranks earned.

Honorary Black Belt
Grandmaster Crandall presents Senator Raymond Meier with honory black belt certificate for community service.

Adult Black Belt Testing
New black belt ranks earned.

Cane Master Seminar

Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr., head of Cane Masters International Association presents seminar for American Martial Arts Institute.


In Memory: Master Jill Crandall
A great sadness has come to the American Martial Arts Institute. On November 15th, 2002, Master Jill Crandall passed away.


Black Belt Testing
New black belt ranks earned.

The Historical Ninja
Mr. E. Stalloch publishes article in Action Martial Arts Magazine researched while in Japan.

American-Japanese Goodwill Tour
Mr. E. Stalloch publishes article in Action Martial Arts Magazine about international goodwill tour.