Practical Cane Self-Defense, Volume 1
By: Chief Instructor Eric Stalloch and Grandmaster Crandall


The American Martial Arts Institute is proud to offer an instructional DVD produced by American Eagle Style founder Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall Jr. and Chief Instructor Eric Stalloch. Under Grandmaster Crandall's supervision, Mr. Stalloch is also a certified Cane Master in the American Cane System, Cane Masters International Association under Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr.

This 53-minute instructional DVD contains several cane self-defense techniques and a traditional cane kata. Filmed with multiple camera angles and presented with step-by-step detailed explanations, these techniques are now available to both the long time cane student and beginners alike. Some of the scenarios covered include: double lapel grabs, a grabbed cane, a grabbed purse, seated self-defense, ground fighting, head lock, bear hug, and punches with different arms and angles. The kata presented is the Natural Walk Cane Kata, and it includes front, side, and back views as well as 3/4 speed instruction and segments with detailed application.

The DVD comes shrink-wrapped in a full protective plastic case. The DVD may be purchased at the main location of the American Martial Arts Institute, through Cane Masters, or online by clicking here.

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Practical Cane Self-Defense, Volume 1 Cover