Moving Beyond Disabilities
By: Chief Instructor Linda Möller and Grandmaster Crandall

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Moving Beyond Disabilities is the first of its kind to specifically address personal safety, health and awareness for individuals with unsteady gait, who have need for a cane, who use a walker or wheelchair or are visually impaired. In this book it is clear that living with a disability does not mean that your personal safety is the responsibility of someone else. The empowerment and independence that one can feel by having the knowledge to protect themselves is life changing. The information and instruction in this book is geared towards individuals with disabilities, but is also applicable to anyone interested in their own personal safety. This text is designed to meet the needs of agencies, instructors in the fields of education, community programs, as well as parents and friends who work with and assist individuals with disabilities. The ten chapters include Being Aware Makes a Difference, Home Security, Personal Safety in Your Vehicle, An Unsteady Gait – Its Challenges and Solutions, A Walker’s Versatility, A Wheelchair For Your Safety, Reaching Personal Safety with Visual Impairments, and Exercises to Improve Your Functional Fitness. Scenarios alert the reader as to potential daily concerns, escape techniques and counters combined with exercises to improve one’s functional fitness. Author Linda Möller has an extensive background in teaching and designing programs for individuals who have disabilities and for staff members who teach those with disabilities. For the past 33 years she has worked making a difference for individuals with disabilities in the human services division of the not-for-profit Coarc (Columbia County Chapter of NYSARC, an organization dealing with developmental disabilities). This is combined with her 30 years experience in the American Martial Arts Institute which teaches American Eagle Style.

As a 6th Degree black belt instructor she has passed on safety information to thousands of individuals through classes and seminars. Co-author Clifford C. Crandall Jr. is the founder and Grandmaster of the American Martial Arts Institute. He is also Headmaster of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall which teaches traditional Iaido. A retired Superintendent of schools in New York State, he has also held positions as a teacher, administrator for elementary and high school as well as taught at the college level. He is known worldwide for his books, videos, and DVDs on personal safety and awareness. He has hosted two TV shows and lectured extensively on safety topics for all individuals including those with disabilities. Knowledge is the Key. Together these two individuals bring knowledge to you the reader which can impact your views of personal safety and empower you to enhance your quality of life.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
What this book can do to improve the awareness, wellness, and personal safety for persons with disabilities

Chapter 2 – Being Aware Makes a Difference
Awareness on how to stay safe in your daily routine. Includes tips on how to protect yourself

Chapter 3 – Home Security
How to safeguard your home and provide for your well-being. Includes scenarios and how to respond to a home invasion

Chapter 4 – Personal Safety in Your Vehicle
Your car and its potential dangers involving an intruder. Includes tips and scenarios on how to prevent you from becoming a victim and what action to take if necessary

Chapter 5 – An Unsteady Gait – Its Challenges and Solutions
Responses and actions you can take against a physical assault

Chapter 6 – A Walker’s Versatility
Techniques on using a walker as a defensive tool against physical threats

Chapter 7 – A Wheelchair for Your Safety
Responses to dangerous situations when threatened

Chapter 8 – Reaching Personal Safety with Visual Impairments
Planning for your safety when traveling away from home. Includes scenarios and how you can respond

Chapter 9 – Exercises to Improve Your Functional Fitness
Offers movements to strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower portions of your body. These will improve your ability to maintain a level of independence in your lifestyle. This muscle strengthening maintenance allows for greater success in the execution of the personal safety techniques offered in this book

Chapter 10 – Conclusion
Information on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), statistics, and your fundamental right to be safe and secure. Also included is a suggested listing of resources to further your knowledge in securing your wellbeing