Learn Takedowns Plus Counters Against a Knife and Gun DVD
Produced By: Grandmaster Crandall [OUT-OF-PRINT]

The American Martial Arts Institute released an instructional DVD produced by American Eagle Style founder Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall Jr. The DVD taught fundamental, intermediate, and advanced concepts of a good self-defense program aimed at takedowns, knife, and gun counter techniques. The instructional DVD covered nine takedowns (three from grab attacks, three as counters to a punch, and three as counters to a kick), five counters against a knife attack (including an attack from behind), five counters against a gun, SD-1, and SD-2 (a complex series of predetermined self-defense responses against grabs). This DVD was orginally released in VHS format in 1998. The instructional program ran 59 minutes and 30 seconds and was unique in that it presents all of the techniques at the beginning of the DVD at power and speed without instruction before going into detailed explaination of execution and application. This allowed the viewer to review the techniques at any time without the need to watch the entire video everytime they wish to refresh the techniques.

The DVD also included a 4 page booklet that provides information about Grandmaster Crandall and the American Martial Arts Institute. This DVD is now out-of-print because it's content was refilmed and expanded upon in a new DVD titled American Eagle Style Self-Defense, Volume 1, co-produced by Master Nicholas Chuff and Grandmaster Crandall.

Takedowns DVD Cover
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The techniques included in the instructional program:

SD-1 and SD-2

Take downs from a grab, punch, and a kick

Counters against a knife

Counters against a gun