Just Get Away
By: Master Stalloch and Grandmaster Crandall

Most people never take the time to learn even the most basic personal safety skills. Secure Living Online is a professional organization, a sister affiliate of the American Martial Arts Institute, which first started as a website dedicated to increasing safety and awareness for people of all ages and abilities, but which has grown to offer seminars, programs, and staff training all across the United States.

Founded by Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr. and his long time student, Master Eric Stalloch, Secure Living programs prioritize awareness and avoidance, but also offer physical responses to escape potentially dangerous situations. Secure Living has produced public service announcements, instructional books and DVDs, created websites, and authored educational articles published internationally. It was featured on MSNBCs TodayShow.Com for its seminars for active seniors. Secure Living Online is an offshoot company from early works released by the American Martial Arts Institute. Now has combined over 50 years of national and international experience to offer seminars that truly make a difference.

Secure Living Online is an agency that has been working with men, women and children of all ages through seminars, books and DVDs with great success and growing recognition. A single seminar can excite its participants, arm them with knowledge to achieve personal safety, and provide that priceless element called 'personal peace of mind.' With the right state of mind and effective knowledge you can be ready to protect yourself and your loved ones. This booklet alone can change how you feel about personal safety. There are fourteen techniques pictured and described within these pages. This information benefits individuals including children, women, anyone who uses a cane, paraplegics, as well as those who may be blind or visually impaired. This booklet also contains information about Secure Living seminars, staff training, instructional resources, and board of directors.