Center Kick for Confidence: A Tiger Lily and Julia Adventure
Author: Mrs. Amanda Crandall | Illustrator: Miss Sabrina Crandall

The American Martial Arts Institute is proud to announce the publication of the second book in a series for children titled Center Kick for Confidence: A Tiger Lily and Julia Adventure. Written by Senior Instructor Amanda Crandall and Illustrated by Miss Sabrina Crandall, two American Eagle Style instructors, the series follows a young martial arts student, Julia, and her pet cat, Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily follows Julia to class, learning traditional martial arts and life lessons along the way. In book 2, Tiger Lily must use her newly acquired martial arts skills (a center kick) and find her own confidence to see Julia's recital. Meanwhile, can Julia get the confidence to face the crowd? The book is available internationally through major retailers and, and it will be used as part of the American Martial Arts Institute's Superkick program for 3-5 year olds.