Children's Self-Defense and Awareness, Volume 1 (3rd Edition) DVD
By: Grandmaster Crandall

The American Martial Arts Institute is proud to offer a DVD that pioneers child safety and awareness education, “Children’s Self-Defense and Awareness, Volume 1” (3rd edition). This DVD is the first level of four levels in the Crandall System of Self-Defense taught in physical education classes at high schools across the United States. The first edition of this instructional program was published in 1998 on VHS and is no longer available. The second edition, also in VHS format is still available. The most recent publication is available only on DVD and includes the new segments of circuit training, teenage escape techniques, and review.

The DVD also includes a 10 page booklet detailing the techniques presented in the program.

DVD Cover
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Read an excerpt from the DVD's back cover:

“Everyone is concerned about child safety and the alarming number of child abductions that are taking place each year across the United States. The defense against these concerns is KNOWLEDGE. This instructional program will give you the information as to what to teach, how to teach it, and will do this in the privacy of your home or the supervised setting of your local elementary school. Introduced for the first time, an instructional undertaking that combines the skills of self-defense and sound educational teaching techniques. Grand Master Crandall, a retired Superintendent of Schools in New York State who has held the positions of high school and elementary school principal plus his years of classroom teaching experience, combine with his over 40 years of martial arts experience to make it possible for you to do something to increase the safety of the children you love. This program was transferred to DVD and enhanced with the Instructor’s Program Review section to ensure its continuation and benefit for children for years to come. This is done in loving memory of Master Jill Crandall, whose enthusiasm and love for teaching children was an inspiration to us all.”

The techniques included in this instructional program are found in the Chapters identified below:

Introduction by Clifford C. Crandall, Jr.

Children’s Section

Instructor’s Section

Introduction and Course Overview

Circuit Training and Techniques

Horse Stance Center Punch
Circular Arm Breakaway
Straight-Across Wrist Grab
Straight-Across Wrist Grab (with counter)
Throat Grab
Sleeve Grab

Defensive Center Kick

Responsive Move When Being Picked Up

Instructor’s Program Review

Teenage Just-Get-Away Escape Techniques
Closing Statement & Credits

What is the Underlying Educational Philosophy of the Crandall System?

Students will understand self-defense and its relationship to others whether potentially threatening or simply daily participants in their social surroundings. They will understand ways to promote positive behavior from those around them and ways to discourage unwanted behavior. Students will demonstrate and present personal and socially responsible behavior. They will care for and respect themselves and others. They will recognize threats to themselves and their friends and be confident to offer safe alternatives to minimize the threat.