Cane-Fu: Moving Beyond Disabilities (DVD)
By: Mr. Eric Stalloch, Mrs. Lynn Jessee, and Grandmaster Crandall
DVD Cover: Cane-Fu

The American Martial Arts Institute is proud to offer an instructional DVD produced by American Eagle Style founder Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall Jr., Chief Instructor Eric Stalloch, and Mrs. Lynn Jessee. Under Grandmaster Crandall's supervision, Mr. Stalloch and Mrs. Jessee are also a certified Cane Master in the American Cane System, Cane Masters International Association under Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr.

This 65-minute instructional DVD is perfect for the beginner or experienced cane student, but was specifically designed to meet the needs of people who live with reduced mobility challenges.

It was filmed using multiple camera angles and professionally lit and edited to provide a quality viewing experience.

Some areas covered in this DVD include:

  • Basic Terminology
  • Stretching
  • Fundamental Blocks and Strikes
  • Strength Conditioning Exercises (for rehabilitiation or general fitness)
  • Types of Canes
  • Stances and Grips
  • 14 Unique Self-Defense Techniques for situations including: Poor Balance, the use of only one functional arm, from a wheelchair or seated postion, and from the ground (as if knocked down or thrown down during an assault)
    The Kata Reflection 1: in its entirety, with the use of one arm, and from a wheelchair


The self-defense techniques are presented step-by-step from multiple angles.

The kata, Reflection 1, was designed as a beginner's kata. It is the first in a developmental set of 5 katas, and also the first in a series of 8 katas that take a practioner through the level of black belt in the American Cane System. The kata is shown at 3/4 speed from front, side, and back views. It is also shown step by step with its practical applications. Following this is it taught as adapted for people with the use of one arm and to be done completely from a wheelchair.

The DVD comes shrink-wrapped in a full protective plastic case. The DVD may be purchased at the main location of the American Martial Arts Institute, through Cane Masters, or online by clicking here.

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