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Required Katas

The American Cane System is a traditional martial art style. Therefore, students learn traditional katas as part of their training. Katas are a series of moves done the same way each time that fight off multiple, imaginary attackers. Katas are the spinal line of most traditional martial arts styles. They challenge the student to learn balance, coordination, and control as their body moves as a unit. The katas are a balance of power and flow. The advanced student learns that while the techniques and stances of a kata are done in the same sequence by all students, a kata allows for them to insert their personality and their balance of power and flow within the kata's timing to give it "life." Katas allow a student to train when no training partner is avaialble. They permit the student to improve their skill while they are away from their instructor. They serve as an organizing principle within the style with areas such as self-defense, partner drills, blocks, and strikes branching from it's central line. While katas are essential to the style, the foundation is based on the conformity to the philosophy and postitive attitude of its students with loyalty to its Grandmaster. This is only a small glimpse into the complex topic of katas, but with this basic information in mind. Here are some of the katas learned by American Cane System Students.

Reflection 1

Reflection 2

Reflection 3

Reflection 4

Reflection 5

Natural Walk

Autumn Wind

Old Man with a Cane

This developmental series of katas have been documented in written and video formats with approval by Grandmaster Shuey. Additional katas for the black belt ranks also exist.