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Grandmaster Crandall
Grandmaster Crandall

Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr. is the head and founder of the American Martial Arts Institute and the American Eagle Style of empty-hand martial arts. He is a certified 10th-degree black belt and recognized internationally for his numerous contributions to the field of martial arts and community safety. Grandmaster Crandall has more than 45 years of martial arts training, which includes professional instruction in traditional Korean, Japanese, and Chinese styles.

Prior to becoming a full-time, professional martial artist, he was a superintendent of schools, high school and elementary school principal, and classroom teacher in the State of New York.

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About Our Instructors
All instructors in the American Martial Arts Institute and American Eagle Style are adult, certified, black belt instructors. These individuals have chosen to teach the style, which is a professional skill beyond being able to perform the style. As such, these men and women request to enter a training program to learn how to teach. In addition, they must be recertified annually. All instructors are volunteers, fulfilling the traditional martial art concept of "completing the circle;" that is, they have a personal desire to give back to the school and its students. Each class is taught by multiple instructors who work as a team to provide a variety of voices and instructional techniques. Each student is assigned under the supervision of one instructor. Instructors continue to train, learn, and test for higher degrees of black belt.

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American Eagle Style Classes

American Eagle Style is a traditional empty-handed martial art style founded by Grandmaster Crandall.

This style It is offered in classes for students ages 6 and older. One of our school's strengths is its adult classes for men and women. All classes are one-hour in length and structured for safe and educational training. American Eagle Style is also taught for 3-5 year olds in the Superkick program.

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American Eagle Style