American Cane System
The American Cane System

The American Cane System is a traditional martial art style founded by Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr. that uses a walking cane for blocks, strikes, kata, and self-defense.

The style has been internationally recognized and demonstrated, including articles in the Wall Street Journal, features on CNN, the CBS Early Show, Fox News, and major martial arts magazines.

The style is documented in a series of eight instructional DVDs, and with the American Cane System Brown Belt to Black Belt Workbook. American Cane System classes are taught by certified adult black belt instructors.

American Cane System Philosophy:
The cane is more than a crutch. It is a powerful, portable, adaptable tool for self-defense, exercise, health, rehabilitation, and personal empowerment. We believe that self-defense training with a cane will increase your chances of surviving an aggressive attack. The American Cane System is designed to increase focus, balance, and flexibility, reduce stress and raise self-confidence. It helps our students become masters of their own well-being.

The American Martial Arts Institute is the North East Main Office for the American Cane System
All classes are under the supervision of a Senior Canemaster. Classes are taught by a Canemaster or one of our certified black belt instructors.

The American Cane System

North East Headquarter Administrators ( Left to Right):

Eric Stalloch: American Cane System Master Instructor (9th Dan / Successor);
Clifford C. Crandall, Jr
.: Grandmaster of the American Martial Arts Institute (10th Dan) / American Cane System Senior Canemaster (8th Dan);
Mark Shuey, Sr.
, Grandmaster of the American Cane System (10th Dan);
Lynn Jessee, American Cane System Senior Canemaster (8th Dan)

Grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr.

The American Cane System is under the direction of its founder, Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr. Grandmaster Shuey holds an 8th Dan in Hapkido, a 7th Dan in Tang Soo Do,a 6th Dan in Taekwondo, and numerous other distinctions. His certified position as the the founder and 10th Dan of the American Cane System has been recognized by numerous Grandmasters and organizations including the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, the most elite and prestigious Grandmasters' council in the world.

The Cane Masters International Association International Headquarters in located in Lake Tahoe Nevada, which oversees the American Cane System globally. Grandmaster Shuey is also the founder of Cane-Fu, Cane-Chi, Cane-Ja, and Yoga Play. He has produced numerous instructional DVDs and oversees the production of high quality hand-crafted canes. Learn more about Grandmaster Shuey Here

Master Eric Stalloch

Eric Stalloch is the Master Instructor of the American Cane System (9th Dan) and Grandmaster Shuey's designated Successor. He co-produced the eight instructional DVDs of the American Cane System Ranking Series, which documents the style up to 1st Degree Black Belt. He is also a seventh degree black belt and Master Instructor of American Eagle Style under Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr., the head and founder of the American Martial Arts Institute. He is the co-founder of SecureLivingOnline.Com, the co-author of two instructional martial arts books, and the proprietor of a full-time training hall for the American Martial Arts Institute.Learn more here.


All classes are taught by adult black belt instructors who are separately certified to teach. All classes are under the supervision of a Senior Canemaster. Classes are available for men and women ages 18 and older.

American Cane System students who earn the rank of black belt are not automatically sanctioned to teach the style. The teaching of a traditional style is an educational responsibility that requires training in different ways than the execution of the style itself. Understanding how to present the style to other men and women of different ages, body types, and cultural backgrounds requires a variety of instructional skills. In keeping with this thought, an educational director was appointed to deal specifically with students and Canemasters who choose to teach and pass on this valuable style.

Our full-time training facility provides a safe and professional environment for training.

Our students range from 18 years of age up to late 80s. They also range in levels of physical fitness and mobility. Our instructors are trained to present the style to a diverse population of students.

Classes and New Students

American Cane System classes are taught by adults for adults. They follow an educationally sound process of traditional training. All classes are one-hour in length and begin with stretching and warm-up. This is followed by blocks, strikes, empty-hand skills, katas, and self-defense. Additionally, some classes include excercises to increase balance, flexibility, and strength and other areas such as drills and a discussion of traditional martial arts concepts.

Can I observe a class?
Yes. We have an observation area where you may watch a class and have your questions answered by one of our instructors.

Can I join if I have a physical challenges such as limited shoulder mobility?
While each individual is different, many of our students have challenges involving their lower back, shoulder mobility, knee replacements, and a variety of other situations. Speak with an instructor who can answer all of your questions.

Are there beginners' classes?
No. All levels of students train in class together. However, multiple instructors allows groups to be divided by experience. Beginners are often work in small groups with one instructor while the other instructor works with more advanced students. You will also work with more experienced students so that you benefit from training with skilled partners.

When are classes offered?
We offer classes three times each week. See our schedule here.

What if I you don't offer classes where I live?
We know that not everyone lives close to our training hall. There are options for distance learning. Each rank up to 1st Degree black belt is documented on an instructional DVD. This allows students to begin studying at home. These students register as members and correspond by sending in short videos for feedback. Occassionally they schedule a time to travel to our training hall to train in person with our instructors. If you are interested in learning more, call us at our main office: 315.768.1859.







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American Cane System