Master Instructor Eric Stalloch
Master of American Cane System (9th Dan)

On Sunday, March 20, 2016, Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr., the founder of the American Cane System, promoted Eric Stalloch to the rank of Ninth Degree Black Belt and designated him as his successor for the system. There can only be one Grandmaster and with that position comes the responsibility to maintain the system, its integrity and its traditions. Also on the Grandmaster's shoulders lays the responsibility to choose a successor that will maintain these qualities in the style after they have passed. In the American Cane System there can be only one 10th degree (the Grandmaster and head of the style) and one 9th Degree (the Cane Master Instructor of the style and successor to the title and position of Grandmaster). There may be an unlimited number of Senior Canemasters (8th Dans); however, few will achieve this high rank and position of responsibility. The title of Canemaster is earned at 4th Dan.

WKTV, a Central New York NBC affiliate covered the promotion ceremony in a feature story which can be seen below. Action Martial Arts Magazine and other publications have indicated that they, too, will be featuring this promotion.


Cane Master Instructor Stalloch is also a eighth degree black belt and Master Instructor of American Eagle Style under his instructor Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr., the founder of the American Martial Arts Institute and American Eagle Style. Master Stalloch began training under Grandmaster Crandall in 1989, and through his support Master Stalloch began training under Grandmaster Shuey. After many years, Master Stalloch earned the position of Canemaster and seventh degree black belt in the American Cane System. In 2010, he helped Grandmaster Shuey to document the American System in a series of eight instructional DVDs with Grandmaster Crandall (who is also a Senior Canemaster), and Senior Canemaster Lynn Jessee. Additionally, Cane Master Instructor Stalloch co-produced the DVDs Practical Cane Self-Defense and Cane-Fu: Moving Beyond Disabilities, again with Grandmaster Crandall and Mrs. Jessee. In 2017, with Grandmaster Shuey's support, he collabored with Senior Canemasters Crandall and Jessee on the American Cane System Brown Belt to Black Belt Workbook and was written to assist certified instructors of the American Cane System to maintain the high standards of consitency of this traditional Art. He has demonstrated the American Cane System around the world, including Australia, Italy, and the Caribbean. He has published articles about the American Cane System and Grandmaster Shuey in Inside Kung Fu, Action Martial Arts Magazine, and Combat. In addition, he has appeared on MSNBC's TodayShow.Com for Cane-Fu, taught seminars for the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in the use of the cane, and has assisted Grandmaster Shuey in the teaching of numerous cane seminars.

The American Martial Arts Institute is the East Coast Main Office for the Cane Masters International Association.  As such, it serves as the testing center for the American Cane System for the East Coast, assisting Grandmaster Shuey in its continued growth.
Grandmaster Shuey has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News, CBS, the Today Show, the Colbert Report, Black Belt Magazine, AARP Magazine, and numerous other publications. Grandmaster Shuey has taught across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He earned 12 world champion titles, and was inducted into Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame as Weapon's Instructor of the year. He is the founder of Cane Masters International Association, the American Cane System, Cane-Fu, and Yoga Play. He holds advanced black degrees in Tang Soo Do (sixth dan), Hapkido (seventh dan), and Tae Kwon Do (eighth dan). He has produced numerous instructional videos, and his quality, handmade canes are known around the world and available at CaneMasters.Com. Learn more about Grandmaster Shuey at
Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr. is the head and founder of the American Martial Arts Institute and American Eagle Style. He is an eighth degree Senior Canemaster in the American Cane System and the Headmaster of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido. He has authored eight books and produced fourteen instructional martial arts DVDs. He is the co-founder and lead instructor for SecureLivingOnline.Com, and has led international performance teams representing the United States in China, Russia, Japan, Italy, Australia, and the Caribbean. Learn more about Grandmaster Crandall at

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