Certified American Cane System Instructors

Who are the Instructors?

All classes are instructed by one of our certified American Cane System black belt instructors. Our instructors are separately certified to teach the style.

Learn more about Grandmaster Crandall Here.

Learn more about Grandmaster Shuey Here.

Master Stalloch and Mrs. Jessee are also certified black belt instructors in American Eagle Style under Grandmaster Crandall. Master Stalloch an 8th-degree black belt, and proprietor of the main location of the American Martial Arts Institute. He is the co-founder of and has published numerous articles including Inside Kung Fu, Taekwondo Times, Combat, Action Martial Arts, and others. He is a permanently certified teacher in the state of New York.

Left to Right:
Senior Canemaster Jessee, Grandmaster Shuey, Senior Canemaster Crandall, Master Instructor Stalloch.

Mrs. Jessee is a 6th-degreee black belt and a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant in the State of New Hampshire. Together, they have produced ten instructional DVDs, released internationally on the cane: the American Cane System: Ranking Series (eight DVDs), Practical Cane Self-Defense, Volume 1, and Cane-Fu: Moving Beyond Disabilities.

Certificates are displayed at the main location in New Hartford, New York.



Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr.
10th Degree Black Belt
Grandmaster and Founder of American Cane System

Master Instructor Eric Stalloch
9th Degree Black Belt in the American Cane System
Designated Successor for the American Cane System by Grandmaster Shuey

Senior Canemaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr.

8th Degree Black Belt in American Cane System
Educational Director for East Coast Main Office and Head of American Martial Arts Institute

Senior Canemaster Lynn Jessee
8th Degree Black Belt in the American Cane System

Timothy Cumings
Staff, Instructor's Assistant. 1st Degree Black Belt in the American Cane System


American Cane System students who earn the rank of black belt are not automatically sanctioned to teach the style. The teaching of a traditional style is an educational responsibility that requires training in different ways than the execution of the style itself. Understanding how to present the style to other men and women of different ages, body types, and cultural backgrounds requires a variety of instructional skills. In keeping with this thought, an educational director was appointed to deal specifically with students and Canemasters who choose to teach and pass on this valuable style.

On the West coast, the Grandmaster and founder of the American Cane System directs the instruction of the American Cane System: Grandmaster Shuey.

On the East coast, the education director for teaching certification is Senior Canemaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr.

Senior Canemaster Crandall was chosen based on his educational background as a New York State teacher, vice principal, elementary school principal, high school principal, and superintendent of schools, during which time he worked with future teachers for the New York State educational system regarding their training for elementary, middle, and high school positions.

American Cane System instructors must be re-certified annually. They are identified by their white uniform top with black trim and INSTRUCTOR'S PATCH


These men and women have chosen to learn more about teaching the American Cane System and have dedicated themselves to assisting the school and style. They are staff members for the American Cane System but cannot teach independently. These individuals are involved in the instructor's certification program and can only assist classes under a certified instructor's supervision. They are identified by their white tops with black trim, but they do not wear an instructor's patch. For more informaiton, see the American Cane System Brown Belt to Black Belt Workbook or speak with a Senior Canemaster.

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