Information About Classes and Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Mondays 6:45 to 7:45 pm

Thursdays 6:45 to 7:45 pm

Saturdays 10:00-11:00 am

Private Classes and Seminars are Avaialble.

What Do Classes Include?

Classes are available for men and women ages 18 and older. All classes are one-hour in length and taught by a certified Cane Master. Our full-time training facility provides a safe and professional environment for training. All classes follow an educationally sound structure and include stretching, blocks (single-handed and double-handed), fundamental strikes, basic kicks, traditional katas, self-defense (standing and seated), an exercise system, two-person drills, and more. Health, awareness, and personal safety are a priority. You do not need to have an injury or disability in order to learn how to use a cane for exercise and self-defense. Our students range from 18 years of age up to late 80s. They also range in levels of physical fitness and mobility. Talk to an instructor to learn more.

Can I Earn Rank?

As a certified Cane Master International Association training center, students may earn rank. All students start at white belt. When the student's instructor determines the student is ready, their name is submitted for testing. As a traditional martial arts style, earning the level of black belt takes time. The student tests formally at a testing that is open to other American Cane System students and demonstrates their skills and knowledge with the cane before one or more certified cane masters. The student is evaluated formally, and a their results are discussed with Grandmaster Shuey. Within two weeks the results are posted on this website and at the main location of the American Martial Arts Institute. The student is presented with a certificate signed by the certifying cane master and Grandmaster Shuey.

Currently the American Cane System ranks are as follows: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Tan, Brown, and Black Belt (first Dan). This is followed by 10 levels of black belt. Cane Master status also exists at the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt.. Grandmaster Shuey, as the founder and Head of the style is 10th Degree.

Full-Time Training Facility

The American Cane System is taught at the American Martial Arts Institute's full-time main location. This professional facility includes three full-sized training floors, changing rooms for men and women, a conference room for meetings /seminars, an office, an observation area for guests, an instructors changing room, handicap accessible bathroom, men and women's bathrooms, and wall-to-wall carpeting. This clean, educational atmosphere enhances your training experience. We also have the highest quality training mats, bags, sheilds, and other tools. The two training floors allow for diversified instruction in either large or small groups. Stop in during our regular hours and speak with an instructor.

Example of a Cane Technique

There are hundreds of techniques in the American Cane System. They begin with fundamentals, basic blocks and strikes. As you continue to train, you will learn increasingly more complex techniques. The most effective techniques are often the most direct and "simple," and a qualified instructor is necessary to teach you which techniques are applicable to various situations and body types. Some common assaults you learn to defend against include: against punches, kicks, single wrist grabs, double wrist grabs, lapel grabs, sleeve grabs, throat grabs, choke holds, bear hugs, headlocks, against knives, guns, sticks, canes, chains, and more. You will learn self defense standing and seated. The following technique is just one example of the cane in action. Remember, the goal of self-defense is not hurt others; it is to make sure that you don't get hurt. This technique is for cane practitioners who have some experience with other techniques.

Why Train in the American Cane System?

Training in the American Cane System will improve your self-confidence and feeling of personal safety in a constantly changing world. Training with a cane is enjoyable, and while traditional martial arts are serious, the experience of training is also fun. You will notice increases in balance, strength, and flexibility. Also, the cane is practical. You can carry it anywhere, down the street, on an airplane, in a courthouse, or while out shopping.

Some Media Coverage

The American Martial Arts Instiute and American Cane System has been covered in the media. Here a few of the stories that have appeared on television and in the news.

WSTM, NBC3 Syracuse

YNN Channel 10

WKTV Channel 2

Oneida Dispatch, NY

Herkimer Telegram, NY

In addition, Cane Master Stalloch has written numerous articles about cane self-defense techniques featuring Grandmaster Shuey, Grandmaster Crandall, and Canemaster Jessee. In March 2010, his article on Cane-Fu appeared in Inside Kung Fu. Learn More.

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