American Cane System

The following belt ranks are for the American Cane System.

White Belt (8th gyup) / Level 1 Student
Yellow Belt (7th gyup) / Level 2 Student
Orange Belt (6th gyup) / Level 3 Student
Green Belt (5th gyup) / Level 4 Student
Blue Belt (4th gyup) / Level 5 Student
Purple Belt (3rd gyup) / Level 6 Student
Tan Belt (2nd gyup) / Level 7 Student
Brown Belt (1st gyup) / Level 8 Student

1st Degree Black Belt
2nd Degree Black Belt
3rd Degree Black Belt
4th Degree Black Belt (Canemaster)
5th Degree Black Belt
6th Degree Black Belt
7th Degree Black Belt
8th Degree Black Belt (Senior Canemaster)
9th Degree Black Belt (Cane Master Instructor)
10th Degree Black Belt (Grandmaster)

NOTE: The can only be one 9th degree and one 10th degree black belt. The 10th degree is head of the style and the 9th degree is the designated successor. Grandmaster Shuey is the Grandmaster. There may be only one grandmaster but many black belts may earn the title of CaneMaster.

NOTE: The requirements for white through 1st degree black belt are documented in the 8 instructional DVDS of the American Cane System Ranking Series. For more information, speak with a Senior Canemaster.

American Cane System