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Grandmaster Shuey visits NorthEast Main Office
Held at the NorthEast Main Office of the Cane Masters International Association in New Hartford, NY

From March 19 through 21, 2017, Grandmaster Shuey visited the NorthEast Main Office for the Cane Masters International Association at the American Martial Arts Institute in New York State. The purpose of his trip was to spend time with Senior Canemaster Stalloch and Senior Canemaster Crandall regarding the future direction of the American Cane System for its continued growth and perpetuation. Senior Canemaster Stalloch is a 9th Dan and Grandmaster Shuey's designated successor for the American Cane System. Senior Canemaster Crandall is an 8th Dan in the American Cane System and has been designated as the American Cane System's educational director regarding instructor certification. Senior Canemaster Crandall is also the founder of the American Martial Arts Institute and Grandmaster of the American Eagle Style, 10th Dan, while Senior Canemaster Stalloch is also an 8th Dan Master Instructor in the American Eagle Style under Grandmaster Crandall.

Over the course of the three days, Grandmaster Shuey, Senior Canemaster Stalloch, and Senior Canemaster Crandall trained in the American Cane System and discussed a variety of topics regarding the structuring of the American Cane System as a school and style. Some of the areas covered included the standarization of uniforms (uniforms for students, instructors, and cane masters), the requirements for all 10 levels of black belt, the certification of instructors, the process for students who live at a distance to train and test, testing standards, and more. (Later in 2017, more information will be released regarding this topics for American Cane System students and the public). The three Canemasters also shared time discussing traditional martial arts philosophy and martial arts history.

In addition, Grandmaster Shuey and Master Stalloch discussed many of the American Cane System who are training across the country and internationally so that they are both fully informed about all students currently training in the Art, including who is sanctioned to teach.

On Monday night, March 20, Grandmaster Shuey watch a demonstration by American Cane System students during their class including the performance of katas from all levels, blocks, strikes, and self-defense. Grandmaster Shuey took the time to instruct the class in a variety of self-defense techniques, and the students had the opportunity to learn directly from the Grandmaster of the style they train in each week. The students also had an opportunity to speak with Grandmaster Shuey after the class for a while.

On March 11, 2017, a black belt testing was held for three individuals. During the class on March 20, Grandmaster Shuey presented Thomas McCune and Marilyn Stalloch with their black belts. It was also announced that RoseAnne Mussar had passed her test, as well, and had been promoted, but she was unable to make the trip from Canada to be present during a weeknight. All three individuals will receive their rank certificates on April 22 at the American Martial Arts Institute's Ceremonial Black Belt Luncheon. The certificates for black belt are different than the ones for colored belt and include Grandmaster Shuey's hand signature and gold embossed seal.

Grandmaster Shuey and Master Stalloch have made arrangements for Master Stalloch to visit the International Headquarters in Nevada later this year. More information about that forthcoming trip and other news will be posted here once it has occurred. If you are interested in learning more about American Cane System, contact Grandmaster Shuey through Canemasters.Com or call the East Coast Main office at 315.768.1859.

Some of the American Cane System students who train at the New Hartford Location
who were able to work under Grandmaster Shuey on March 20, 2017.