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American Cane System Rank Promotion Results
Held at the NorthEast Headquarters of the Cane Masters International Association in New Hartford, NY

Testing held on February 6, 2017

The American Cane System is under the direction of its founder, Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr., and has eight levels up to first Dan, Black Belt. These ranks in order from lowest to highest are as follows: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Tan, and Brown (followed by Black Belt). In addition, there are 10 degrees of black belt. Each rank includes a minimum length of time for training and growth in the style. All students are under the supervision of certified, adult black belt instructors and certified Cane Masters.

We are pleased to announce that the following students have passed their test and are promoted to the following ranks:

Kyle Mizgala is now a Yellow Belt (Level 2)

Maria Quintal is now a Tan Belt (Level 7)

See your instructor to receive your certificate of rank and your testing results sheet.

All results for testings held at the Northeast Headquarters are posted
on the Internet at, and at the training hall.

Congratulations to these students and their instructors.